Our Goals, Missions, and Beliefs

Doerun Vision Statement

The faculty and staff at Doerun Elementary will assist all students to advance academically, socially, emotionally, and physically to become productive citizens.

Doerun Mission Statement
Doerun School will provide the teachers and staff with the resources needed to assure that all students succeed in becoming academically successful.

Doerun Belief Statements
*We believe that all children can learn when given appropriate instruction.
*We believe that positive self-esteem is important for academic success.
*We believe that the teacher is an important element in promoting student success.
*We believe that parental involvement, the school, and the community are primary influences in preparing students to excel in society.
*We believe that all students, staff, and teachers are public relations agents for Doerun School.
*We believe that when teachers prepare for and facilitate creative learning, students will show higher levels of performance in class and on tests.